I volunteered with at risk youth in South Central LA and Watts for 3 years mentoring them after school with Los Angeles Team Mentoring and the GRYD  program(Gang Reduction & Youth Development). I met hundreds of smart, kind, and inspiring kids over the years volunteering with them. Despite all our efforts, and the efforts of others, some of the students ended up in the criminal justice system. Unfortunately they had parents that were encouraging them to break the law by selling drugs or being involved in gangs. I realized that you can’t blame a child who breaks the law when their parents are doing the same and encouraging them to do so. Our parents are our biggest influences in our lives. How can we expect a young child to tell their parents “no, this isn’t right.”  Yet our criminal justice system punishes these children just the same. I was inspired to become a juvenile criminal lawyer.
         Before starting law school I thought that civil attorneys were greedy money hungry people who didn’t care about anyone but themselves. However that all changed in the summer of 2018 when I started working for the employment law firm Pedersen Law, APC and realized how horribly some employees can be treated.  Then, my son was critically injured in a car accident and my family needed a personal injury attorney to help us. I realized how people in all areas of the law - employment law, personal injury, family law, intellectual property, wills & trusts etc - need help, and attorneys are the ones who can help them. Usually when a person goes to a lawyer it’s for an issue that is very important to them - possibly the most important thing happening in their life - and only a lawyer can help them. I now plan on practicing employment law, personal injury, and even family law, so I can help people with the issues they face in those areas.
         As a lawyer I want to make the world a better place, and help other people everyday through my work as a lawyer.